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Allowing to do port activities at sea ?

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Why can't Captains do some of the port activities while on board in the OW, such as :

- crafting

- ordering missions...

- buying/selling ressources, canons, upgrades...

- switching armament (e. g. from long guns to caronades)

- putting ships on sale

- etc. 


It would reduce useless and boring  back and forth voyages from and to ports and would allow captains who wish it to stay in the OW, often far away from their port.

It would also encourage captains to move away from the surroundings of their home port.

It would helps us save time.

It would make long OW voyages less boring. 

It would add some role playing (see below).


Some activities could be done :

- in the middle of the sea, such as giving buying/seliing/crafting orders and ordering missions (by carrier pigeons ? :P). 

- or sufficiently near a port when orders are related to transfers of canon, crew, ressources (...) from/to your ship and repairs. Those activities would take a few seconds/minutes to simulate shipping times via rowboats and small ships and would immobilise the ship (as wrecks do). The distance between the ship and the port remains to be defined.



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Yes. Your agent or hirelings would be looking after your offices while you are at sea. Maybe you should be able to hire an officer to do that. One per outpost. We definitely need carrier pigeons.


Cpt, Ed 

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