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Enrique el Navegante

my suggestions for a better experience

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Here are my wishlist:


  1. functional lighthouses in important landmarks (capes, points, little islands) with a banner with its name (like in ports)
  2. Improve important ports with several docks
  3. Darker nights
  4. improve weather and wind system maybe using wind and jetstream areas in open seas.
  5. Ships should suffer damage when stuck into shallows or great thunderstorms
  6. make a better looking map and include navigation tools like compass, plotter, protractor, pencil etc. and take out autocoordinates system (only with a new "navigator perk"
  7. make a real fishing ship (only fish and salt cargo allowed)
  8. Allow open seas trading
  9. Allow using more outposts
  10. Allow more buildings
  11. Allow delivery contracts between players (ex. Please deliver "XXX products" to La Habana (I'll pay XXX Gold)
  12. Give XP for patrolling ports (new misión )
  13. Include a soundtrack (sailor songs, habaneras, tavern songs etc)
  14. Ships should need supplies to be able to sail like food, water, gunpowder, ammunitions,
  15. It would be great if you need troop (marines) transport ships to be able to take a port. (maybe using war supplies)
  16. Make new IA fleets including merchants and light scorts (frigate class ships)
  17. Develop flares in OW (Red=help, Blue = Hello)
  18. Allow fake flags for pirates and smugglers (only reveal real nation when very close)
  19. Allow to see who is in a port


Feel free to comment


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