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AI Strategies in Combat

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AI strategies in combat instances

(traders and warships)




AI is expected to be reworked within a few months :


Content patch: November - December  (Work in Progress) 

  • AI improvements and new missions (delayed due to other priorities)



So what strategies would you like to see bots, both traders and warships, adopt in instances ?


How do you, player traders, escape from PvP-ers while in instance ?

When should a trader bot surrender ?
What is the role of OW coastal defence (forts and towers) in protecting AI traders and helping warship bots ?

How could bots use coastal defence ? 

Should AI warships chase, demast, board, operate in groups, focus fire ?

What combat patterns (both solo and in group) for them ?



PS : I already hear sarcasms from pure PvPers : « What about as strategies : self-destruction, definitive fleeing to the Pacific Coast, deliberate reciprocal sinking… ? » :P  :D 
But I need you, guys, as combat strategies from PvP would be very welcome (such as group strategy…).

Time to unveil some basic military secrets.  ;)

This could also interest PvP newcomers…

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So I begin. Correct me if I’m wrong.

That’s a first draft, some thoughts about trader bot defensive strategy :


1) When a trader bot is alone 

Fleeing at the most suitable point of sail (depending on enemy and bot ship characteristics) remains the best strategy.

But trader bots should not remain side by side with an enemy easily firing broadsides on and on and should try to manoeuvre in order to escape by varying their speed and direction.

Ex : using T function, the bot decelerate, letting the attacker overtake it, then turn either way (90°, 180°, -90°)


2) When escorted by an friendly warship(s)

Bot traders should only try and flee to the offshore far away from any protection (friendly warship/tower…) when they have a real chance to flee (depending on the starting distance between ships, the manoeuvres to do, ship characteristics…). 

If not, a bot should seek protection by armed friend :

  • by manoeuvring to use a friendly warship as a shield between it and the enemy,
  • or by getting closer to the allied coasts to get protection from the firing towers and forts.



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