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Montañés-Class Ships of the Line

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15 hours ago, SteelSandwich said:

It was said initially that premiums wouldn't exceed 4th rates.

So hoping isn't really a factor in this..

as i read your post

i can assume that , and believe that ships above the 4 rate are craftable ships in the game

is that what you mean( because the wasa is a note) the wasa is also not craftable in the game yet

and we have 3 ships who become premiums i think


i also believe that premiums should have the slots open (all) ((and a random other not standard paint, and even upgrade slots all open.(a full orange one))

and if not bought premium , you need to grind the slots, and are restricted perhaps on the guns type

and i do not know if there are plans for premiums above the 4 rate (for DLC)


back to topic  

also the montanes needs to draw a straw, and must wait on his turn, to see his place in the game , other ships have priority (like the dutch ships)

but it is a good looking ship 


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On 4/11/2018 at 11:04 PM, Arvenski said:

Well, on second thought, buying a 3rd rate for real money would be easier than trying to find a crafted one for sale, so maybe a premium 3rd rate wouldn't be so bad.

well under condition that said ship is no better than non premium ship and is also craftable in my opinion only advantage premium should have is unlimited durability.

basicaly you get a ship as note then you put cannons on her and when you lose her timer starts and when timer runs out ship reapears in reedemables as note but just ship.


I did not find this info but what kind of cannon load out this ship has?

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