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Server Specific Boards & Add Board for Tournaments

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May I suggest you create more topics: one for each server that has pertinent topics like Diplomacy, Guilds, National News for each nation, etc. (layout below)

PvP2 Board

    - International News

          - Diplomacy

          - Tournaments

          - Weekly Reviews

    - Dutch National Thread

          - Fleet/Guild Recruitment

          - Dutch News

(or something of the like)


Also create a board specific for the dev tournaments?

plz n ty

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If people want more topics/threads, then they should create them themselves. Nothing is stopping them.

In case you mean more forums/subforums, then please don't. Having too many subdivisions of a board is a bad idea. I think the structure of this board is pretty good right now. Possibly a PvP2 forum could be created in the future when activity supports it, but I'm not sure I see that happening.

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After review, the only real thing that would make this forum more efficient for players is to have 2 Main Boards called Naval Action - National Wars and Piracy (one for each server), both with the National News and the Guild, Clans and Trading Companies. That alone would help tremendously, rather than having to sort through each topic looking for which server the poster is referring to.

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