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[HEC] Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie (Dog Island Trading Company)

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Consisting of, 


and providing Letters of Marque


against the Enemies of the DANISH CROWN to


the Captains




Niels Terkildsen




Rikard Frederiksen




Hagen v. Martius




Johann Friedrich Hebenstreit




Johann Procopius Christoffersen




Bleddyn ap Eynon





Taking part in and protecting Commerce around




and furthermore hindering the Trade of said Enemies





ESTD 1796








Clean copy of the standard Letter of Marque with Translation




Hunde-Eylandet (The Dog Island) on a Map of the Danish West Indies



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This evening the Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie engaged in the art of Commerce. Sadly, those we questioned about their mandates, cargoes and insurance policies did not take kindly to our enquiries, especially this Frigate...





Plus, we found an ever-burning Mercury! He was afire for a good 25 minutes (one of our opening inquiries about Commerce involved a few cannon shots to get their attention - sadly, it appears that in the ensuing panic a fire was somehow started):





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Once again the Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie representatives took to the Caribbean seas in search of Commerce. With the ships victualled, and our crews ready, we put out to sea and spent a couple of days sailing West. After reaching the Eastern tip of Jamaica we had our first spot of luck. Managing to get close enough to a Surprise we attempted to initiate dialogue, sending over a request for their cargo manifest and a demand to allow us to inspect their hold, in the name of Commerce. This appears to have stirred a slight bit of a trouble, and before we knew it they had set themselves ablaze! The only reasonable conclusion we, of the HE Co. could come to is that they attempted to burn their manifest...








...with disastrous results!




Unperturbed we carried on, docking in Saint Ann for a short while to see to superficial repairs and to give our crews a night ashore, before setting sail looking for further entrepreneurial endeavours. This we found in the form of a Constitution, which we concluded must have been involved in a spot of dodgy-dealing. Therefore we moved closer and demanded to see the manifest and had intended to question the Captain of this fine vessel as to his activities. This led to a bitter argument, our representatives refused access to the ship, and the upshot of it all was that the Constituion was firmly rebuked by three significantly smaller vessels:












Fortunately further bloodshed was avoided after the Captain's finest damask dining cloth was hung from their ship in lieu of their ensign, and our representatives were finally allowed access.



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Once again the Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie have been out and about, engaging in Commerce and keeping an eye on economic rivals. Initially we encountered a brigantine, kept company by a couple of schooners. Unperturbed by their hostility, having grown thick skins through our previous transactions with other members of the fraternity of Commerce, both Kaptajn Martius & myself stuck to our guns and eventually they submitted, although out of defiance, one of the red-painted schooners was defiant to the last and scuttled his ship before our very eyes - what a waste! What was truly shocking was the manner in which the brigantine's captain had described us as pirates! Us! We were most shocked by this behaviour, and locked him in irons for his rude ejaculations.

Sadly, business can generate rivals, and no sooner had I, Kaptajn Frederiksen, begun to sail away, than a pair of very angry British captains attempted to give me their opinion of our business practices. To cut a long chase, short, they were shown that the entrepreneurs of the HEC can handle themselves, and so we showed them that merchantmen such as we have very strong teeth. And claws. And big guns. And that we won't let go when we have such perpetrators of violence by the neck.




Kaptajn Martius chasing the Liverpool






No escape for the Zerinity




Closing on the Liverpool









Through the storm, homeward bound...


Thanks to Liverpool & Zerinity (apologies if I misspelt your name) for the engagement, sadly for you it went our way this time. We'll look forward to seeing you on the seas in the future!

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It should be noted, also, that our engaging in trade around the British possessions of Jamaica & al. can be quite successful even, or yet more so, without excessive use of violence. Only a few days ago, Capitain v. Martius and I took into our custody a British snow filled to the brim with tobacco, which was rightly deemed a fair prize by the government's delegates on Cow Island; and that is far from the first valuable acquisition we've made.






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With tensions rising lately, Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie felt the need to move into British waters and sooth tempers by engaging with fellow captains in Commerce. Sadly, your humble correspondant was delayed leaving port, but once I had met with the other Kaptajns, we set sail to see who we could mollify, they already having pacified the Captain of a Mercury. So we set our sights on a Trincomalee, with the intent of calming the Captain down over a cup of Indian Tea, as we went over his manifest. However, he rejected our kind efforts, much to our joint surprise.













Having run him to ground, as it were, we made our way aboard and presented our protestations at his behaviour and, as he had sought to raise tensions between Britain & Denmark-Norway, we confiscated his ship, to teach him a damned lesson!




We then sailed around for a bit, failed to get a word in edge ways with a Belle Poule before he fled the scene, and eventually came upon a pair of British frigates, operating independently of each other. One of whom was rather forthright in his behaviour towards us, engaging us with a shocking display of violence. The other fellow, however, ignored our calls to furl his sails & heave-to, so we were forced to convince his crew to surrender.
















Top marks to Foxxe for his audacious engagement of our ships, squaring up to both a Surprise and Trincomalee without hesitation.

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Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie were out again today, making sure that merchantmen were not up to anything naughty. We are getting rather concerned at the hostility and emnity we keep on seeing, as though we're doing something 'bad'. We hailed a Renomée, who oddly enough tried to signal back with smoke signals - it didn't go to plan! It did look pretty though...
















We also encountered a very wise merchantman - he acted upon our request for him to keep his sails furled with an alacrity that does him credit! Well done, that man.






There were also a few other skirmishes, involving various ships (including AI ones), but our climactic battle came after some British players tried to register their complaints. We HEC fellows, being shrewd entreprenuers, turned tail and fled before they could give breath to their grievances (hah!), but we did end up chatting with the captains of a Rattlesnake, a 'Heavy' Rattlesnake, and a Mercury. After hearing out their complaints we responded in the best way we knew.





Thanks must go to our opponents in our final battle (last screenshot); you three gentlemen were plucky and fearless in the face of our onslaught. We must thank MADCOW in particular, as your upbeat personality and willingness to engage us muzzle-to-muzzle despite the odds earned our respect. We hope we will bump into you on the high seas once again, good sir.


I apologise for the lack of pictures this time round, I forgot to take them during the heat of the action - my excuse is that I was trying not to ram anyone. Which I succeeded at. Obviously. Honestly.

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Lord C Sharadon remark on the post from Dan-Nor HCE Rikard Frederiksen... :)


Roleplay on...

We, Lord C. Sharadon, Founder and Head of the Sharadon's Caribean Rapid and Artificial Procurement Company (SCRAP) at Kingston/Port Royal

can confirm that we had an encounter short before the Navalaction World Impressive Port Exchange (NF Wipe) took place very near to Port Morant, Jamaica, in GB waters.

Aware of potential threats we send a captain in Mercury out for reconaissance and maybe collect wreck mission SE of Port Morant.

Very soon we had the sighting of the above noted thread owner (Frederiksen) with 3 accompaning ships all in bigger class than our Mercury.

We were informed that they would like to inspect our ship, we assumed a navigational error by this Dan-Nor Group and made clear that they were in british waters and I have to inspect them. There was no cooperation visible by them and we tried and hoped to get maybe some support from our national captains from nearby Port Morant. Beside the exchange of signals it came clear that the Dan-Nor ships were not willing to respect the british rules of sea and we were finally forced in a small fight with our under superior capabilities (4 against 1 Mercury). To beware our honor we fought until it was clear to see that we were overruled by the Dan-Nor sight of facts (yes ...finally we surrendered)

We see this issue still not solved and we will support any british national activities to advise the above mentioned Dan-Nor squadron Leader that he was acting in

totall y wrong way.

We demand a fine of 50.000 Gold (1 Duration of Mercury) from them. The way of transfer can be negotiated.


Role play off.

:-) It is just a game and next time it will be different. But still I liked the action.


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My employers, the honourable gentlemen of the Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie regret to inform you that your request of a fine is highly irregular, insulting to such upstanding and reputable merchantmen such as them and quite unexpected.

As a result they are forced to hand in a complaint about devious libel with the British authorities in Port Royal about one C. Sharadon, to the extend of 1000 pound sterling, payable to the 30th of this month.


However, being nothing but reasonable merchantmen and out of the goodness of their hearts, them being the aggrieved party in this unfortunate matter, they would like to assure you that an agreement can be found to satisfy both parties.

The H-E C. has recently come into possession of a "Mercury" class vessel, slightly used with minimal stains in various places - cleaning or repair services not included I am afraid - which they would be willing to sell to one C. Sharadon for the nothing but reasonable sum of 50.000 pound sterling.

The honourable gentlemen's office at Christiansted is at your leisure if you chose to accept this more than generous offer.

And equally so to receive the payment of the aforementioned fine.


on behalf of honourable gentlemen of the H-E C.,

Regards, etc etc

H. v Martius

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To his Most Gracious Lord, Sharadon of Great Britain,

My Lord,


Sir, having reviewed your written complaint I can only protest in the strongest terms to the very idea of paying a fine, certainly not such a significant one as to the amount of 50,000 golden pieces. As my compatriot and fellow kaptajn, the Honourable v Martius, has espoused before me our reputation is quite impugned by the scurrilous terms used. We, my Lord, do not obey the rules of the sea as laid down by the British, but follow those laws and customs that apply from the Danish codes. Our duty, as entrepreneurs and fellow doers in the world of Commerce, is to ensure that there is a fair, ney level, chance for all and it is our duty, under God and for the benefit of all, that we ensure those who claim to be traders are doing so within the legitimate boundaries of the law.

I would wish to reiterate my compatriots offer of a Mercury-class vessel, for the mere cost of £50,000 sterling, a most reasonable price we find, to make good your own percieved loss.


Your Obt. Servant, sir,




The Honourable Rikard Frederiksen,

Kommander and kaptajn, the Klapperslangen,

Honourable Representative of Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie.



Thank you for dropping by, Lord Sharadon! We always have time for those who put up a fight, especially when outnumbered significantly so by our experienced captains. We're glad there aren't any bad feelings, and we'll look forward to seeing you out on the seas in the future. Fair winds to you, good sir!

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Having received instructions from our employers, we embarked for a cruise about Jamaica, to keep our hawk-like gaze on the commercial situation. Things got off to a strange start when a Trincomalee, which we were horrified to see had gun decks bristling with cannon, fired upon us. We lost absolutely no time in reminding them that this most vile act would be answered in full, and that his best hope was to surrender to us. Sadly, forced as we were to use our defensive arms, we plugged away again and again, shooting into his stern as he tried to twist and turn like an eel on a gaff pike. In the end, and quite by accident might I add, the vessel was aflame!














Thank goodness the crew put the fire out! With the vicious array of cannon we could see, the amount of powder aboard was rather significant. That crewed save all of our souls by putting out that fire. And the later two. Eventually, and to our good fortune, the captain saw sense and surrendered, so that our inspectors could board and examine the manifest and match it to the cargo hold. However, the casualties we had suffered forced us to not only imprison the captain, but force him to take out an expensive insurance premium for his vessel.





With the ship sent off under a reclamation team, we spied the sails of one of our fellow captains, who had been sent to assist us. It was with joy that together we sailed off through the night, and into a beautiful dawn.




A strange occurance came when we encountered a French fleet, with whom we sailed for a while, west along the northern coast, before turning south-east around the western tip. Pressing on, we left our French comrades to inspect a Trader's Snow, with its accompanying escort of two sloops of war, of similar lines to our own ships. This captain was obviously up to no good, as he spurned our request to allow our representatives aboard and had his fellow ships engage us with shot. However, the odds were not in his favour and eventually all three ships had capitulated. 





The rest of our patrol was quite interesting. A Dutch cargo ship decided to sail out of Port Royal, and of course we were duty bound to make enquiries. After an initial display of violence, he saw the wisdom of our advice that he give up, and promptly furled his sails. With such a large vessel in our hands we felt duty bound to see it into port ourselves. However, just west of our port we were attacked by a desperate pirate with a Surprise-class vessel. We reacted as any decent, upstanding peoples would to such a villain who dared to fly the black flag. Having blasted him with gunfire, the pirate rammed our cargo ship, and was all set to board him, until I pushed between them, freeing our ship and taking the brunt of the pirates boarders with my highly trained crew. The action went poorly for him, with his disorganised, ill-disciplined crew, scared of their losses, making suicidal attacks that saw them annihilated. Those who surrendered we hung from the yardarm after afternoon tea, whilst their so-called captain was taken into port to be tried.







A very interesting night! Sadly lacking shots of the chase and fight with the LGV - we only got him due to the shoals near the Cays - and also with the pirate Surprise, and I've only a couple with the Snow and Rattlesnakes, but I was a bit busy at times. Still, we had a grand old time.


To address the post above:


Sir Wiener von Snitzel, I'm afraid we are at a loss as to who you are, but we are indeed some of the chaps who belong to the Lucky Dogs. It is warming to be recognised, and we are doing our best on behalf of our own Hunde Eylandets Compagnie and the Crown itself.

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The life of those dedicated to fair and legal commerce are truly full of the most bewildering of episodes.

That piratical Surprise and that rather suicidal Trincomalee being wonderful examples.




My benevolent and exalted employers would like to announce that they have happened to come into possession of a mostly undamaged vessel of the Gros Ventre type. A very fetching one at that! 

Said ship will be offered to the highest bidder after a brief overhaul at the docks. Any notices in this regard will be posted in the papers. 


Furthermore and, as I am to assure you, totally unrelated to the above, the venerable gentlemen of the H-E Co. have also acquired a Gros Ventre-sized shipment of the finest Indian Salpeter, which is to be sold for a very reasonable price indeed. 

Any inquiries about these two items are to be directed at the most respectable H-E Co.'s office in Christiansted.


on behalf of the honourable gentlemen of the H-E Co.,

Regards etc etc

H. v Martius

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The Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie has been rather quiet as of late. For the winter season we returned to Denmark, but will sally forth to the waters of the Caribbean in the future, once our ships have been refitted, our crews brought back up to strength, and when we are ready to depart to sail for the Crown once more.


We've been a little busy in other areas as of late. What with the Christmas season, work, education, and various other reasons (such as other games), our Captains have been away from NA and have been enjoying playing short-term games as and when we can. Fear not, however, for we shall return at some point (once the latest update is out I would surmise) to once again annoy the hell out of other players with our little ships.

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The illustrious Hunde-Eylandets Compagnie is once more checking manifests and engaging in jolly commerce.
Our sublime employers decided they wanted to ensure that commerce and transport to the north of La Navasse was all legal, orderly and ship-shape. 
Unfortunately our old haunt Jamaica has essentially fallen into line these days. Or rather... luckily. Because who would not rejoice in fully legal and correct commerce, am I correct?


Pursuit of and Kaptajn Terkildsen taking possession of a piratical Wappen in the name of our most astute employers.




Terkildsen going aboard a heavy British frigate after it struck to our superior mercantile knowledge.




After that we had a cracking fight with a wonderful chap sailing under American colours in a Pirate Frigate where in the end it was decided to walk away from the fight in mutual respect.

The fact that two more hits could've sunk two-thirds of our numbers and a further one would've reduced my sharp little barky to a wallowing woeful canoe may have played a minuscule role in the decision, but I shall not bore my readers with such quite honestly irrelevant details.

Coraline Vodka o7



on behalf of the discerning gentlemen of the H-E Co.,

Regards etc etc

H. v Martius

Edited by Hagen v Martius
utterly horrible forum software is utterly horrible
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A few more shots from our little jaunt...

We came upon a Niagara on our journey and on closing realised it was a pirate who was obviously up to no good, so we used our superior ships and numbers to force them to surrender - we hung their 'captain' from the yardarm and imprisoned the rest of this villainous crew and set them back to La Navasse for trial and punisment.


Next came the piratical Wapen, which we hounded until he struck his colours and, once again, we hung the villanous cur who led them from the yardarm, and transported the rest back for judgement.







We did also encounter an Indefatigable, for which I have a single image, and of course we had fought with Coraline Vodka - for which I have no screenshots as I was being kept very busy along with my compatriots by Coraline.



(These forums are a pain in the behind when trying to post images!)

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To the attention of those concerned.


My employers, the most delectable Gentlemen of the H-E Co., would like to announce to their generous shareholders and other interested parties that after a fruitful winter and hurricane season refitting and restocking their Ships and Valiant Hands, the most Magnanimous Gentlemen of the H-E Co. return to remunerative commerce.


The captains in the employ of the most illustrious Gentlemen of the H-E Co., having been torn thus from their loving Ladies' ample and bountiful bosoms, are now returned to the service of the aforementioned Equitable Shareholders and other Interested Parties.


To celebrate this delightful occasion, two of the aforesaid captains commissioned by the most Tremendous and Forthright Gentlemen of the H-E Co., namely a N. Terkildsen and a certain H. v. Martius, proceeded to inspect the manifests and muster lists of Swedish shipping in the Leeward Islands. One disreputable cur, whom God Himself hath abandoned, was found in flagrant breach of all maritime law and custom and consequently forfeited their ship and cargo without recompense. Oh!, but how lax has the customs become in Our Absence.


Hurrah to Commerce and Entrepreneurship!




on behalf of the Prodigious Gentlemen of the H-E Co.,

Regards etc etc

H. v Martius

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Having received his Letter of Marque, signed by the right honourable Governor-General Thomas de Malleville, Captain Bleddyn ap Eynon has set about arming and provisioning his Command, the impressive 28-gun Ship, Sorte Hund. His intention, that is also hereby made plain, being to find able bodied Seamen that may help in his endeavour to form a well-run and orderly Ship for the benefit of Commerce in the Danish West Indies and to further the Interests of all of His Majesty's subjects in the Americas.



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A curious voyage for the HE Co., abroad in our small 12-gun schooners. We ventured out into Swedish waters to investigate matters of trade and commerce within their waters, afterall we must busy ourselves to keep our gracious and indefatigable Lords and Masters content, May God Bless and Protect them, when we chanced upon a frigate of a style reminiscent of the old French ship Renommeé, looming in the region with obviously hostile intent. In order to police the waters, and ensure that this ship did not interfere with local trade, we bravely engaged the vessel: collectively outsized, outgunned, and outcrewed. However, our foe intended to run instead, and being caught with the wind abeam of his sails, we were able to maintain a close position and engage with chain and ball to the sails, mast and stern galleries.


Still the brave captain tried to outpace us, but with his sails and spars being battered by the rapidity of our guns he was unable to gain distance. We three took damage in return but we certainly had the better of the engagement, which resulted in our running the ship to ground and forcing our way aboard.



After such an encounter we decided that it would be best to return homewards and see to our ships and crew, but the Swedish pirates had other ideas! They descended upon us in significantly large ships, akin to the British Surprise and Trincomalee, not to mention various other sorts, but failed to make an impression upon our ships and seasoned crews, who beat a leisurely retreat. However, one small traders ship tried to stay abreast of our fine Kaptajn's Martius & Terkildsen, but in their eagerness to bring their guns to bear managed to put themselves into iron and render themselves impotent!




We will keep you posted and updated with our latest news and voyages and efforts in the name of, and to protect, Commerce!


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