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Roche Brasiliano

Ocean Pacific fishes and iteration with Caribbean

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While i sailing the pacific coast (will post pictures soon in another post), researched some fish species that can populate Pacific Ocean around the area of map and found:

* Blue Mackerel

* Hagfish

* Bignose Shark

* Bigeye Trevally

* Blackfin seabass

* Bludger

* Blue Trevally

* Bluefin Trevally

* California Sheephead

* Cocinero

* Coho Salmon

* Galapagos Shark

* Giant Oceanic Manta Ray (same already in game)

* Goblin Shark

* Golden Trevally
These different species can be implemented when Pacific officially opens, and maybe some kind of iteration with ports at Caribbean:  fishes catched in one ocean can reach high values in the ports of the other side of land. So, if you catch a galapagos shark you can sell it at high values on the ports of Caribbean, as the same with fishes catched there and sold in Pacific.

It is a interesting way to iteration between that places.

Another idea is implement new types of wood more frequent at pacific coast (Maple, Cedar) to craft ships in Caribbean.
It is just a "raw" idea to make iteration viable between the 2 places to increase trading.
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Interesting idea about the different fish species.


I am not so sure though about them being sold for high prices in Caribbean ports.

I thought I recalled reading somewhere that nothing (ships, resources, goods, etc) would be able to transfer from Caribbean to Pacific (or vice versa).  A player could transfer back and forth but nothing else.  If you can transfer exotic fish across from one to the other than it runs contrary to the above.


Besides, fish would probably spoil in the transit (IRL) unless they were smoked, salted or otherwise preserved.

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