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Donjuan Dimarco

Conquest flag trading what a nonsense

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Hello Devs, hello honest players,


I want to draw your attention to the topic:


Trading the conquest flag to another allied nation memeber.


I will not write too much and keep it short:


That is completely nonsense because it will not honorize that you have thrown out an enemy faction of the homewater areas.


E.g. the spanish crafted conquest flags, traded them to a danish allied member though their nation was far off to plant any flags in dutch nation area.


These mechanics criples tactical thoughts. Please erase that -sorry to say that- useless and annoying feature.


Best Regards


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Which is why the flag system was already said to be removed in the conquest overhaul that is coming.


This issue will not exist as soon as that overhaul arives.


Also, it seems your caplock key was broken, so i fixed the title of this topic.

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