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US server connection issue

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The Devs had said that the PVP servers will be merged. Disappointing.


In the long term we all know that only two servers should remain. After release population will go up first but then will go down and stabilize at around 1000 simultaneous players 6 months after release. So in the long term we only need two servers. PvP (1000 players) and PVE (300-400 players).

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locations have been move for PvE and if I remember correctly one of the PvP servers was relocated for connectivity issues. There is nothing stating a location will remain. They may merge but possibly to location for the benefit of the vast majority. This was makes the most logical move.
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I am really surprised how simplistic some make out about the ping rate between PvP1 and PvP2 from outside of the European theater. I am even more surprised of those in the U.S. that because they haven't any problems with PvP1 then nobody else in the U.S. should be experiencing any problems.

Let me provide an example:

Coeur D'Alene Idaho, Frontier Communications, I had a ping about 130 for PvP1

L3 communication, I had a ping of about 210 for PvP1.

Same city, two different providers, one has its POP in Spokane Washington while the other had its POP in Honolulu Hawaii.

When in Honolulu I had a ping rate of about 140-150 on most days to PvP1.

From Salem Oregon ping rate was about 180

From Stockton California ping rate was about 130

From Gonzales Louisiana ping rate was about 190 yet from Baton Rouge Lousiana I get 150

PvP2 in these locations 《100



This seems to reflect what I mentioned in the other thread - It is more than just the distance, some people have poor connections etc. I get about 100 on the East coast but some people have 150. So I wonder with if the server(s) was moved west how would that affect the Europeans given their generally better bandwidth and faster connection speeds. An offshore server in the Caymans perhaps. Of course as you noted this might leave the Asian and Aussie players out in the cold.

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I left because everybody went pirate.  I'll see how things work after the patch, but the way it sits, it's not enjoyable.  If the new mechanics work the way I think they will, the pirates will be essentially untouchable.   Oh well, X^*$ 2 is fun.

Yeah...you wouldn't be having fun now cranky. But you are missed. 

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