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'Trekh Sviatitelei' 1810 (With Plans)

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Trekh Sviatitelei (translated as "Three Saints") was a Russian 74 gun two decker built in 1810 at the shipyard in St Petersburg.  She had a relatively uneventful career and her only claim to fame, or rather infamy, was when she was sold to the Spanish, who, in desperate need for line ships after the events of the Napoleonic War, reached out to Russia for ships.  She, along with her sister ship Neptunus, and three ships of the Selafail class of 74's were sold to Spain in what became known as the "Treaty of Madrid in 1817".  According to the article, the Russian ships of the line were in such appalling condition that they had to be dismantled within 5 years of being acquired, though the guns were in good shape and used elsewhere in the Spanish Navy.  More on this particular incident can be found within the source article.

Refer to 3decks link for dimensions and armament.

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