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7 Provinciën (1782)


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I want to start this topic over the 7 Provinciën 1782, 74 guns because it is pretty hard to come by at information but what i have found is not a whole lot so i will start with what i have.
I have done some research on the 7 Provinciën 1782 because it is the only ship with this name who can be ingame despite the older ones who are too old (1665 and 1694/5)

She is the third ship to bare the name 7 Provinciën on a Dutch warship, the first one is the most famous of 1665 and the second one is from 1694.

She is a 74 gun ship, 2nd charter according to Dutch specifications and a third rate to English.


What i have found is a model from a Dutch shipmodelbuilder. He has tried to recreated the blueprints for the 7 Provinciën in which he has used the model of the Vrijheid as the basis/reference, the model of the Vrijheid is owned by the Rijksmuseum.
Here are a few pics: see attachments
The model is being made by Cor Emke and is 1:75
Just to give you an idea what it might looked liked

What i have further found is that the ship has been build from 1781 till 1782/3 in the Amsterdam Shipyard and she has been sold for scrap in 1794 in Hoorn. She has sailed for the admiralty of the Noorderkwartier (Admiraliteit van het Noorderkwartier)
Further she has a length of 180 Amsterdam foot with a width of 48 foot and depth in hold of 22 foot


The basis of following chapter are references who could help us to deduct her specification
In regard to her armament:



The Admiraal Tjerk hiddes de Vries was a ship build in the same year as the 7 Provincien. Albeit her being smaller, her armament falls in line with other Dutch ships from that period and time.

According to the page her armament is respectively:

Lower gun deck 28 x 36 pdr

Upper gun deck 28 x 24 pdr

Quarterdeck 10x12 pdr

Forecastle 8x12 pdr


In regard to her crew:


In order to asertain what a possible compiment could've been, i have tried to look at similar ships from the same size/period.

Vrijheid 74-gun (179', 48'9'', 22') 550 crew



Staaten Generaal 74-gun (180', 48'6'', 22') 550 crew



Prins Willem de Eerste 78-gun (180', 48'6'', 22') 550 crew



Looking at certain dutch smaller dutch ships (64/68-gun; roughly 167-170 Amsterdamse voet in size), they would carry a compliment of 450 crew.

However, in british service they would be compliment with 490 crew members.


Therefore i would conclude:

The ship has probably has a crew between 475-550 crewmembers including officers.

















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a model of the vrijheid  which you already meantioned as one of the ship's class.




This ship would fit perfectly as a heavy 3rd rate.

The game lacks those.

And I did not see a true heavy 3rd such as the 7provincien.

Temeraire didnt use 24s regulary.

This dutch vessel did. (and dutch pd is even heavier than french pd!)


Also Id like to admit this ship looks really sexy. sleeeeeek!

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Just did some more digging and i found out that the 7 Provinciën in January, 1788 is listed as a 70 gun ship including the Prins Maurits to which i think she is related to.



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