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Henry d'Esterre Darby

WARNING - Green on Green (Friendly) Damage is no longer allowed.

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Say the Green-to-Green rule was in effect during the Thomas Boyle vs bountyhunter case. (This makes it a theoretical proposition, so we can not judge the case anymore. ;))

Still if you feel offended by me bringing up the plea I made, then please delete it.



  • Thomas Boyle interfered with bountyhunter taking a shot.
  • Thomas Boyle himself did not fire a shot at the Red ship, as is clearly shown in his screenshots, thereby furthering his interference in favor of the Red.
  • In the evidence brought forward so far, bountyhunter was never in a position to actually harm Thomas Boyle.
  • Thomas Boyle is abusing the rules, only to seek fame, as he admits himself. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15482-obeah-practices-of-thomas-boyle/?p=288052
I plead for dismissal of this tribunal.

As always, I respect your judgement to let my plea stand or be deleted.

Now assuming we, as Pirates, have an unwritten rule (we are lawless by definition) that states: "Free-for-all No Tribunal Case".


How can you trust the Tribunal or its process to judge this accordingly?

(And I thought we had such an unwritten rule in Pirate land. ;))

But as Tonnerre de Brest is saying, we do need to specify it as to not cause any wrong expectations by other players.

So what if we, Pirates, can have that rule in exchange for a couple of things:

1. Our beloved Capital Mortimer.

2. The ability (for anyone including Nationals) to build a level 3 shipyard in either a Free Port or Neutral Port.

3. The ability to capture ports for Pirates, but rather we "capture" for Neutral.

We would need consent though with everybody, starting with our undying Emperor. For whom I hold a special card:

4. We would not have to change this awesome brilliant Naval Combat Simulator with multiple sides, it can work as is.

(We can even let the automatic green-on-green in to put some extra risk on Pirates.)

Just let Pirates join whichever side they see fit at any time.

Admin, what do you say?

Yours Sincerely,

Inquisitor Skully of the Alpha Legion. Your Servant until Death or Exterminatus, whichever comes first.

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There won't be one.


One of the terms of purchasing the game is that you will follow the rules when utilizing the shared servers.  Failure to honor the terms by which you purchased the game does not entitle you to a refund.


This is covered in the EULA and TOS.

just as a hint: EULA and TOS is not part of any purchase contract done in germany. If you dont believe me, ask your in house lawyer. If you dont have one, i recommend to get one, before setting up stupid rules like this one.

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Barracks-house lawyering is not welcome here.


I'm the messenger, Game Labs is the purveyor of the rule.  Discussions of whether or not this is "legal" are off topic.


Since this has degenerated into an off topic mess, this thread will now be locked.

The situations mentioned in the first and second pages that may cause problems with this (attacking a smuggler to get out of battle, etc) will be looked into.


Follow the rules.

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