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Action of 4 August 1800


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I don't know if most of you have read about this incident before, but it is quite an intresting "battle".

It would be wonderful if subterfuge could be a part of the game in some fashion, but it would according to some at least apparently be difficult to implement at least in pvp.

Anyway, here is a link to the Wikipedia summary of this highly unusual action.

One of the few times a trader actually captured a warship.


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In fairness to the French captain, not only was Exeter as large as a 3rd rate and laid out like one, but 6 of Exeter's near sisterships were in RN service as 64 gun Sol at the time.

And unlike Linois mistaking an unescorted convoy for SoL, 5 Indiamen with a 64 gun escort would have been well capable of taking care of 3 frigates.

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