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Paint schemes requests

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Another scheme for Victory


(commissioned for Lord Nelson, 1803)












black with white pinstripes scheme on right is particularly interesting



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I quite like this paint scheme on a model of HMS St Lawrence (1814) its fairly similar to some posted already but I like it nevertheless. Apologies for the small images they are all I have access to :)




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For any SoL.


The naval battle of Egemfiorde in 1849, painting by Paul Sinding (1882-1964).

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HMS Macedonian (left) vs. USS United States (right), contemporary painting by Thomas Birch. Note: United States appears to be black with thin red stripes above and below gunports.


USS Constitution as launched in 1797 from Hart's Yard, Boston. Recent painting by Paul Garnett.


USS Constitution, 1803 painting by Michel Corne.


USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere, also by Michel Corne.

Corne produced two sets of paintings depicting this battle. Here are some detail views from the other set:



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I cannot serve you with any historical paint shemes, but I "designed" some which might be "believeable" for the time.

Perhaps you like them.


The two RATTLES are meant to be especially PIRATE RATTLESNAKE - maybe they could be designed with

different cannons, or maybe they have a boarding or pulling bonus, especially for PIRATES?
















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this thread is about paint schemes.

Admin gave a clear advise on how to present your ideas.


This is not a discussion thread.


If you dont have anything to contribute to the thread - leafe it out of here!


as a reminder:



  1. Clear and good resolution painting or drawing or part of a drawing (showing the ship itself). 
  2. Proposed ships that it can fit on.

Flood and off topic will be removed

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Rote Segel gab es


Obwohl kein Bildbeitrag, ist dies doch ein Beitrag zu historischen Farben an diesen Schiffen.

Ich habe den Grund gefunden, warum Segel braun oder tiefrot gefärbt wurden.

Es hatte den ganz praktischen Grund, das Segeltuch, welches häufig feucht aufgerollt werden mußte,

gegen Fäulnis zu schützen. Die Methode nannte sich "Lohen" und wurde schon im 16. Jahrhundert


In meiner Quelle geht es zwar um Fischerboote - die Methode dürfte aber allen Schiffbauern oder

Segelmachern bekannt gewesen sein.


Hier ist der Link zu meinem Thread:





translation by Bungee:


Red sails are historical:


Altho not a suggestion to this thread this is indeed a interesting thing to notice.

I found the reason to why sails were painted brown or red.

Its quite practical: To prevent the sails to rot away. The method was called "Lohen" and was used in the 16th century already.


My source talks about fishing smacks - however that method should be known by everybody.

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Thread about Colored sails, and if they were possible and how common they are, in short:


Red to Yellow were common to smaller vessels, but the Yellow was also common on bigger squarerigged ships. Tanned sails were use to protect the sails from the rain and seawater and makes them sturdier. Military UK tested tanned sails, but didnt liked the process, so it ended up in a handful of tanned ships with Yellow sails. Spain, and France tanned the sails on their smaller military vessels, but frigates anmd higher werent tanned.


However most Private shipowners were tanning hteir sails, since its a investment and alows the sails to last longer. Its hard to find historicdrawn paintings, since artist of that timeperiod only drawn the fights of the ships.

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