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Unknown Danish 56 gunner 1727

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You can have an extract:


Its a warship with 56 guns which is ment to be build so it can have provisions for 380 men in 6 months and wood and beer for 3 months. The middle of the drawings is signed by the king himself (Frederik IV). On the first drawing is a kind of a contract - but it will take while to translate it, as the letters used isnt in use anymore... Today we use another alphabet in Denmark...


However it says the drawings are made by "english principles".


The guns are:


18 pdr lower deck (22 guns)

12 pdr upper deck (22 guns)

6 pdr  open deck (12 guns)

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BTW: its not a sailing report. Its a trusted man for the king who examined the drawings and made comments about the technical stuff. Its all a kind of a lay out that had to be approved by the king before the ship is build. Any changes or recommendations for the build is found in the text. (It will take a while to translate it completely). 

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