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"Le Requin" French Xebec (With Plans) 1751

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Le Requin

24 guns

French xebec






Model from the Musée national de la Marine: http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/8950?vc=ePkH4LF7ldY7bsQgGADhq6BcIP4fYDhSmhS5f5FvI20UaasU03gGkBA2fr2e3v5zKt5fN-bP5v--FHnHmDlq7ZF3Y2Lhhmc7kCjwm9_85vfDn5Hngu7oju7oju7oju7sUdeFgLWuQmNi4R4VfPDBBx988MHHw5sjzqjUpS51qUtd6lKXutSlrjSlKU1pSlOa4otv87SmNa1pTWta05rJT35yk5vc5KY1pvGLX_ziF7_4tYYhRhjc9_N74z75ckQ-Pn_-e57n7Bu9G218





Another model. Source:http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/artdumodelisme/Le%20Requin/indexgb.html












Length of Gundeck:  115'  French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 37.361 meters
Length of Keel:  95'  French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 30.8831 meters
Breadth:  26'  French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 8.4719 meters
Depth in Hold:  8' French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 2.8149 meters 
Burthen:  260 Ton




Upper Gun Deck: 24 x French 8-Pounder


Crew: 245(240 crew, 5 officers)



Sources and info:

                  Téléchargement (910.85k)        








Credits to Le Boiteux and Surcouf for the info.

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I wonder if Naval Action will simulate the Side-Problem with Latin Sails, because they had one weak side wich wasnt as good as the other side. Had something to do with the attachment of the yard (hope thats the right english word).

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59 minutes ago, Baptiste Gallouédec said:

Will it be kept away from us until the release like for the other teased ships (hermione) ?


I don't approve thoses striped sails but if we can choose between tan, white, ocher and brown sails i would like it.


 Nice model anyway, can't wait to use it !

Likey wincethose teased ships are not ingame partly due to the limitations of unity 4.


Once 5 is integrated, it should support more models and items ingame.

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