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'L'Armide' 18-pdr Sané Frigate, 1821 (With Plans)

Ned Loe

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This ship can be a nice heavy 18-lbr Frigate addition to Naval Action. It can be an all around 44x18lb gun Frigate or can be mounted with carronades for close combat damage. 


Ship was named after



During the War of American Independence, Navy minister Sartine, his successor Castries, and engineer Borda requested standard plans to standardize the production of 18-pounder frigates (equivalent to the British Fifth-rate) and so it happened. 


Commanded by Captain Hugon, she participated in the Battle of Navarino in 1827, killing four and capturing the Turkish corvette Sultania; 1 November 1828 she participated in the attack on the castle of Morea.







Main - 28x18lb

Secondary - 16x18lb or 16x24lb Carronades




16x18lb or 16x24lb





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Since 1781 (general plan for the frigate of 18-pdr by Sané) until 1805; Several engineers designed frigates of 18-pdr (Sané, Coulomb, Segondat, Lamothe, Ozanne, Forfait, Haran, Pestel, Degay, Tellier, Gauthier, Lafosse, Rolland and Geoffroy). 71 are built.
From 1806 and until 1813, 66 frigates were built. Only 17 are not from Sané's drawing.
Of the 137 frigates built between 1781 and 1813 (last construction of the 18-pdr frigates); 73 are from Sané. More than half of all frigates!
There is therefore no Pallas class or any other name. La Pallas (Nantes, 143 'x 36.8' x 19.1 ', 1806-1821) is from Sané. L'Armide is exactly same frigate. These two frigates are only 18-pdr frigates of Sané type. 
One can say that there is a class (type) Sané. And they are the best.
The primitive dimension of the 18-pdr frigate of Sané in 1781 is 142.6 'x 36.8' x 19 ' In 1801 it increases to 143 'x 36.8' x 19.1 '
The rigging changes over time. 1781, 1804 and 1830.
The artillery changes according to the regulations. 1778, 1782, 1786, 1789, 1794, 1806, 1827 and 1837.
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