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  1. 1. Coward perk - allowing

    • Should stay
    • Should be removed
    • Should receive a morale penalty or other penalty
  2. 2. Control perk - allowing distance based exit timer

    • should stay
    • should be removed
    • should replace current hit based exit timer
  3. 3. Safe battle result screen (allowing staying in the results forever)

    • Ship should only be safe in port - battle result screen should drop the player to OW in 5 mins
    • Should stay as it is allowing life to go on
    • Should send you to the nearest port if you stay there for longer than X mins
  4. 4. Invisibility on exit

    • Invisibility should be brought back to allow repositioning after the battle
    • No invisibility

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13200 BR vs 2955 BR

Because this is why smaller nations/alliances have to log out in front of a port. as soon as the log out thing will be hindered somehow one side will only have defensive portbattles in the future.


But well ok, i give up.

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 BR limiter should be a bit smarter in balancing.  3x5th rate vs 4th rate, and no more 4th rates can join to help.  I would fix this.

Also the big ROE ring, should be smaller.  I still think that there could be a big ROE ring, but this should only apply to ships in same fleets.  The same fleets -> tagger/tagged fleets.

And then final rule to rule them all -> You could get always a friend or two with you, what ever are the BR limits.  This should only be for small fleets.  For example, a fleet of 3 will always get together in a fight. (or 2 or 4).  But you cannot take your 24 friends to gank 1 guy.  This would make it possible for you to sail with your friend or 2, even in 1st rates, and make sure you will always get in the same fight.

Most people sail in smaller fleets if I have understood correctly.  So bigger clans that bring a fleet of 10, are ruining OW PvP for most.  Still, if bigger clan of 15 ships will see another bigger fleet, those can fight.

Limits would probably improve PvP, even tho those feel artificial.

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On Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 1:42 PM, admin said:



This is possible but it creates a lot of problems with land if battles are close to land

one of the sides will then never receive reinforcements if circle moves into land over time 


the alternative is to use the Battlefield squad spawn system and spawn ship 200 m away from the most distant ships in the instance 

but still it could create cases when your ship can be dropped on land


another drastic solution is to remove land from OW battles and only keep land in coastal battles or in port battles. Then we can bring back normal time/distance based spawns that existed before the land in battles introduction 

Please fix This and make reinforcements aviable related to distance/time. That would be awesome!

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