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All this diplomacy is real intriguing. I'm having a blast reading the stories from the beach.

But I fear that once I get back and boot into Open World, I'll not have a clue what to expect from the first ship which sails up to me. ;)

How about when I click a ship, I see in the window the RoE state of that player? Basically hiding all complexities that the diplomatic mechanics brings down to one state:

  • Friendly
  • Neutral
  • Hostile

Where friendlies can not attack me (or are turned to Pirate). (The second is the "easier" option because then friendly Pirates can still attack one-another, although it could also serve as a measure against damage farming.)

Neutrals can attack me, but it is likely frowned upon. :P

Hostiles will simply run in fear of my approach. :D

Off topic: the diplomatic mechanic itself and all current treaties. :)

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Why would it be any different than it is now?  White Names you don't want to attack, red names you do want to attack.  I don't believe that there is going to be a "Neutral" option for factions.

It is a bit of how you interpret "Enemy" in the grid. "Allied" and "War" are clearly "Friendly" and "Hostile" as you can't attack allies and you want to attack the folks you are at war with.
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