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Make 6th-rate ships Exploration vessels

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Right now, with a cargo hold of about 100t., 6th rate ships (such as the Rattlesnake or the Mercury) can’t be used for missions of wreck discovery + fishing during the voyage as the weigh of the treasure trove is already about 100 t. Best ships for that are currently trader lynx. 


Increasing the cargo hold of 6th Rates up to say 200-300 t. would make it possible to use them in missions for wrecks + fishing and would :

- give Explorers another activity during those missions : fight against enemy traders and 6th Rates,

- be historically accurate, as 20-gun Corvettes such as the Spanish Descubierta or the Russian Mirny were used as Exploration vessels :


Another option would be to implement a Exploration version of the 6th Rates already in game with more cargo (and less guns ?), e.g. an Explo-Rattlesnake…

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Excellent suggestion!


But my vote goes for the Boudeuse :D




La Boudeuse

("The female Sulky")


 French 1st-class frigate ("frégate de 12")

26 then 32 guns (12-lb)




Her plans, unique, have been lost. All we know of her is :

- that he was small for a 12-lb frigate, e. g. the Belle Poule (1765), but slightly bigger than an average 8-lb one :

40,60 m x 10,50 m x 5,35 (?) m. 550 t. 960 gross,

- during the first attempt with full cargo holds, a gusting wind broke a mast. Back on shore, fearing for the structural integrity and the balance of his ship, explorer Bougainville asked to shorten the masts and to have her armament of 26 guns (14 12-lb guns in place +12 guns as ballast) replaced by lighter 8-lb guns. After the voyage, as she was finally used as a warship (with lighter cargo), 32 guns were set up : 26 12-lb guns + 6 6-lb guns (deck),

- Her latter ornaments, dated 1776 :



La Boudeuse's latter ornaments, dated 1776 - SHM D1 68 fol 7 cl 7295


Her Voyage

With L'Étoile ("The Star"), a 20-gun (6 lbs) fluyt (1762) used as storeship, La Boudeuse took part of the first french circumnavigation of the globe (1766-1769) led by Bougainville with naturalist and physician Philibert Commerçon, astronomer Pierre-Antoine Veron and Jeanne Baré, the first woman to have completed a voyage of circumnavigation. 



Source :




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I been saying this more for the fact to do piracy too...lol  I can hit traders and take the cargo and not have to sail the ship back to port witht he cargo. Not every trader is plum full and such.   Though I like this for exploring too.  Have few cross over ships that have a bit more cargo but less guns kinda like the LVG and Indaman ships are but maybe not that big.  


I know cargo place is going to change  Prob going to get smaller for some ships, but it would be nice to have a few more ships in the mid range of a trader/war ship that can do both purpose and not be large ships.

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