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McPherson Ridge vs Kensho [Lets Play][HD+] [English]

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Watched it too. Talk about a pyrrhic victory (for both sides I think) At the end of the scenario I was amazed to see a wall of arty holding the line while just about everyone else broke up due to morale problems. Add this  the scrum of skirmisher's on the right end that seems indecisive and occasional skirmishes by cav and smaller units in the rebel rear. (I never see the AI trying this.)

I constantly check HQ positions and send them where their radius can do the most good, usually in improveing morale enough to regain control of the offending unit! Many beginners neglect this to their detriment.


It seems winning was more of finding any unit sufficiently stable enough to send back into the fray and to plug a "hole". I would have set my arty to canister right in back of the brigades and then set the brigade's to Fall Back! "Take that you wabbit"  barks General Elmer Fudd


I like too win by strategy and as few clear concise orders as possible. This battle was a click fest of damage control!

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