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Friendly fire, bountyhunter[SORRY], PvP1

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A key element to the Green on Green is allowed rule is the following:

and if this friendly ship interferes with combat (and does not actually fuilfill his duty to destroy the enemy)


Which, by the screenshots provided, is most definetly not the case. It seems like pure green on green without reason to attack OP.

In this case you would not have been in your right to kill/attack him whilst he is on your team.


Unless OP actively blocked/disrupted the Green team, this response was unfounded.


I'm leaving this tribunal open for now to allow more evidence to be brought forward. (by both parties)

Mind you, as said by olav earlier, to respect the tribunal reforms and therefore the new rules that we enact.

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Can i just remind everyone that unless you have additional proof posting here is NOT allowed. Unless you are the acused or accussee text only posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be dealt with. 

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