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Naval Duels of the War of 1812: A Story Map


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I created a story map on arcgis.com detailing the 17 pivotal naval duels of the War of 1812. They are in chronological order and there is a painting and description of the action on each point. Some of the major actions have 2-4 slides to adequately tell the story.
Each slide takes you to a point that is located accurately based on the lat/long given in the captains logs.
Scroll over the text box to read the entire descriptions and you can click on the arrows to enlarge the painting behind it.
For descriptions of the actions I rely on the tome of unrivaled research that is Teddy Roosevelt's The Naval War of 1812 which was published in 1882.
The slides tell a story and as you move along you can see the war unfold, getting a sense of the ebbs and flows of the weeks and months of the conflict.
The final slide is an overview plotting an overview of the battles and is not currently working properly (you cannot expand the embedded map to full size) due to a technical issue with this storymap format, so I have posted what you should see on that final slide in the spoiler.

Naval Duels of the War of 1812


All duels
Duels heatmapped
Duels by British killed
Duels by Americans killed

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