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Poll: Port/Starboard vs Left/Right

Port/Starboard vs. Left/Right  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. What should the in-game labels be (e.g. for cannon locations)

    • Left/Right, Front/Back (no changes)
    • Port/Starboard, Fore/Aft (change)

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In a flight sim, players learn "flaps", "ailerons", "pitch" and "yaw".   In Naval Action, they could learn "Port", "Starboard", "Fore" and "Aft".

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Actually this brings good memories of bloops and mishaps of flight situations :D


I like the correct terms in the UI but don't mind about voice chat being left/right etc

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Yes, we are. "Port" was declared the replacement for "larboard" by the RN in 1844, though of course "port" was in use before that especially for steering commands.

So, I think "port" is good enough for us.

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Wasn't larboard eventually "replaced" by port because it sounds to similar to starboard? There was one historical event that lead to that that currently escapes me.

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Should be larboard and starboard.


Some more background:



 L. G. Carr Laughton (1928) THE WAY of a SHIP, The Mariner's Mirror, 14:2,
132-148, DOI: 10.1080/00253359.1928.10655462





"Mainwaring, who compiled his Seaman's Dictionary between
I 6 2 o and I 6 2 2, knows both ''larboard'' and '' port,'' and wrote
in what was clearly the period of transition. The origin of the
term "port" is difficult, and hardly belongs to this enquiry;
and it does not seem necessary to say more here than that, after
continuing in limited use for two centuries, for helm orders,
and as applied to the heeling of the ship or the topping of the
yards, it did not fully come into its own until I 844, when it
was promoted by Admiralty Order to be used for all purposes
'Vice "larboard" thereby abolished. For at least twenty years
before that date "larboard" had been dropping into disuse, so
that the order in fact did little more than confirm a change
which had already become almost complete. "

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