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Number of wounded


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War isn't just death.  It's also a circus of wounded.  To date, only the game "Pike and Shot" breaks down casualties to dead AND wounded.  Will the future entry in the Ultimate General series, include the number of wounded?  For example over 7,000 men perished at Gettysburg but over 30,000 were wounded.  Thank you and I look forward to the next entry!

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Statistically what is the difference of calling casualties a "kill" or "wounded"?  

The point is that you have one less man on the firing line.

Isn't this just semantics?


I agree that on the final battlefield summary you could show the breakout.

The algorithm to calculate the number of wounded vs. killed in the ACW is very simple.


But during the game isn't "kills" succinct enough to represent what is going on?


The suggestion would have battlefield relevance if you deducted men from the firing line that were removing the wounded.  

During the ACW men looking to get out of harms way would often accompany a wounded comrade to an aid station.

When an officer was hit they could be accompanied by more than a dozen men.


I guess the thought might be that "stretcher bearers" would be lost for the remainder of the phase and rejoin in a later phase?

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I agree with David, in the scope of one battle wounded/killed has the same overall effect.  If however the game was based on an entire campaign rather than one battle it might do to assign personnel as wounded, who would come back to the fight weeks or months later.

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