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I was wondering what the odds were of being able to rescue sailors that have been left stranded after a ship has sunk.

I feel that this would be an interesting alternative to hiring the 4 or 5 sailors you just lost in a battle, instead scatter some near a shipwreck now that they have been added. Maybe even add a surgeon on board to tend to wounded and stranded sailors. This could also yield a great pirate mechanic as sailors were known to be press ganged into service and adding the crew bonus for additional sailors acceding the max crew for nationals. Basically this could make it so pirates become different from nationals as their ships have more crew as most real pirates did.

Honestly, I don't care about the pirate suggestion, just wanted to throw another idea into the mix. Feedback on both ideas, perticularly stranded sailors, is much appreciated. Also if there are any possible exploits with any of these ideas don't be afraid to point them out as I want these ideas torn apart and re-assembled into a great idea.

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Could be an officers perk, when capturing a surrendered ship or a captured ship that lost because morale was 0, you could have a set percentage of that crew.

I like this!


Charismatic Captain: Captain's charisma allows for free recruitment of 10% of remaining ennemy crew of captured ships

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Hi captains

well we have the shipwreck loot 

but what about the sailors?


why not a mission 


bottle with > Help us whe are stranded on the shores of xxx in enemy territory


and to rescued sailors>  who becomes then new crew


(* go... and look for them if you are low on crew)  :)

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