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Patch 9.9 Fleet

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Before the patch, I had an escort fleet of three cutters available when I wanted in any port.


After the patch, if I want to activate, I have a message telling me that these ships are not in this port.


I understand that this is more realistic and we must know where our escort ships are.


But these ships escorts are only displayed in the "Fleet" window, where this information is not, so it is today impossible to know where are these damned ships.


Thank you for your reply

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I can't access the other 4 I had turned off either.  I have a theory that they are somehow at the ports where I originally hired them, which is now under control by another faction.  Do I need to put on a smuggler flag and sail there to find out?  Long way away.  And even if so, I can't sail out of there with a warship?

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