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Having recently spent much time battling higher BR ships due to ganking etc, and usually giving as good or better than I got. I've become frustrated with the XP/Gold not reflecting my performance. Recently I fought a player surp with a player snow and an AI rattlesnake. As a privateer I got his hull down, killed some crew, several cannon, started a fire, spent about an hour maneuvering and doing my part. Of course the AI ship was useless, and the player snow promptly sank.


The results for battle? A few K gold and ~50xp. Now, of course the battle was challenging which I can admit was partly fun, but considering you lose a dura for what's an inevitable defeat (it will take every bit of two hours if you're lucky and they're crap, to sink a surp when piloting a privateer) the compensation is wanting.


Please don't confuse this with salt. I enjoy the smaller craft and some sort of reward for performance or valor besides this pittance of compensation would be nice? Even achievements for mismatches would be nice.



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I just finished a match that took about 40 minutes with me piloting an essex and the adversaries consisting of 2x connies, 3 trincs, a rattlesnake, and an AI frigate. I damaged all of them and lasted quite a while without them managing to board me. Kept the gauge etc. I got 13k and 340xp for the trouble. Lost an officer life, and a ship dura.


We need some better incentives to fight or rewards for performance in the face of adversity, this is just sour all the way through.

Never mind I lost 315 crew.

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