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Metacritic page opens. We need your reviews.


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Dear players and fans!

We need your help. 

Metacritic – a prominent video games critique site – has opened the reviews for Ultimate General Gettysburg. We would like to ask you to register on that website and provide a short review and your score for our game, if you are on Facebook they provide a quick Facebook connect without registration. Getting your opinion there will provide important visibility for the game. 

here is the link to the review page

Thank you very much for your continued support, feedback and critique. 
Game-Labs Team.


ps we love you.

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Thank you everyone for voting there. We hope when the game is fully released (soon) we receive even more positive votes. The early access version really helped enormously to the development and without your feedback the game would not have been to this level you now enjoy. But there is of course much room for improvements. Personally I would like to see how you will find the AI of the next patch which will be actually the best so far.

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It's hard to do justice to a deep game in 1000 words. There are some bumps on improvement road.


The most important thing I would like to say in the review is that the game gives the feel of overseeing a large ACW battle at Gettysburg: this can involve many things, such as 

the representation of terrain and the game dynamics making the importance of positions flow naturally from the terrain,  

the opportunity for hidden maneuvers using terrain, and ambush in suitable terrain,the movement of formations,  

the combat dynamics and other troop behaviors,

the pacing, the ebbs and flows of the fighting front, and the peaks and lulls in activity,

the combat effects (such as the interval between volleys), and movement effects promoting verisimilitude

the feel of organizing a major attack along with pinning and diversionary actions,

the feel of placing a defensive line, of husbanding and then committing reserves,

the sense of key points where command decisions shape the  course of battle, 

the competence of the AI in giving a good fight,
the player's unit AI being competent enough to react to the local situation like local officers (handsoff games suggest it often does),
the UI not get in the way of the battle or the feel (I favor efficient UI function first, good graphics second),
and the bug and glitch support and fixes needed so falling in love with the game won't lead to heartbreak later.
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How We Calculate Our Scores: The Long FAQ Score calculation questions Q: Are user votes included in the METASCORE calculations?

A: No. While we solicit votes from our site visitors on movies, games, and music, and television shows we do not include those votes in the METASCORE. The METASCORE is a weighted average of the published critic reviews contained in the chart on that page, and thus does not include any votes or comments from our users. However, you may, of course, see the average user vote by glancing at the USER SCORE to the right of the METASCORE on every summary page.

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