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Hello! I was really happy to see the lovely Essex added in-game. She holds a lot of nostalgic value for me; my parents helped spark my love of the era by buying me the "Anatomy of the Ship" book for the Essex. As a kid, I spent a lot of time annotating and screwing around with the book, drawing the ship all over the place on copy paper.


I now sail her around, and I do adore the model; however, I noticed something about her stern. Her stern is fairly plain, black and not exactly furnished with any gold lines or anything fancy. In contrast, the stern livery I know from the Anatomy of the Ship book, along with some models I've seen on the internet show a humble, but more attractive design.


Just simply adding some gold trim and adding in her nameplate could really spruce up the stern in my opinion!



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Maybe i didn't understood correctly but it have gold lines in game : 




The lantern could be gold color too instead of black and i'd love to see her in the wood color livery like here :


Essex-Stern-View.jpg Essex-Port-Stern-Top.jpg


Pictures source : http://www.stephensandkenau.com/ship/uss-essex/


My favorite frigate in game and this color like in your picture or those above will make her simply the best looking ship in my eyes .

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One thing to remember, if talking about the ship historically, is that paint can easily be changed throughout the life of the vessel.  Which paint job should be used? Did you know that USS Constitution was once painted white? So, it seems that while somewhat plain, as your model is, the only major difference seems to be that in game the colors don't 'pop' as much as on the nice, shiny model.  After months at sea, there's a good chance the paint wouldn't exactly be pristine either, so think of it as a weathered look.  So, different sources and references to look at for the developers, and then ultimately picking one that looks good/right for the game in relation to the other vessels and hopefully is pretty as well.  There's got to be a little bit of artistic license for the devs to make these vessels that realistically are from very different eras look like they belong in the same game.  On the other hand, I am happy whenever they might make the game look better and more accurate, so thanks for the post!

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