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'Charles Grant' Armed East Indiaman, 1810 (Looking For Plans)

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'Charles Grant'


Many of the East Indiaman that traded between London and the East were built in Indian dockyards. The 'Charles Grant', for example, was built at Bombay in 1810. Ships built in India were constructed using superior tropical hard-woods such as teak. They were more resistant than vessels built from English oak to the sea-worms which ate through the bottoms of many ships. Wherever they were built, each East Indiaman had a limited life expectancy - 4 voyages to Asia over 8 to 10 years. Between 1600 and 1833 the East India Company's ships made about 4600 voyages from London.






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Christ that thing is huge! So many guns... Where would you put all the cargo??


Bear in mind that most of those gunports were painted on or empty.


In fact if you look closely at that model it appears that the gundeck itself is painted on.

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