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Hello, captains!

I would like to discuss what kind of missions most of us would like to do:

- escort in OW or in battle

- capturing flag or island

- find lost trader ship ( island, cargo)

- delivery missions

- missions for small ships ( at shallows)

- some kind of racing missions


So if you have suggestions you can write name and description of missions.

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For sure missions who entice player interaction (cooperation or PvP)... from those you propose  OW Escorts are a good example, as is delivery....adding some encounter on the way -or IA aggro- make them useful too for PvE servers.


IMHO making all missions having an impact and being related with the enviroment (i.e. afecting RvR) would be the desirable objective

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Yes, an expansion of missions and some creative stuff woud be a nice addition in future.  Maybe some of this? :

  1. Since the "racing" idea doesn't seem like it would go over well from other comments, perhaps you change the word "racing" to a timed activity.  Mission could entail resupplying a fleet in a general area with a loaded trade vessel but within a limited timeframe (you'd have to search for the fleet a little).  Or same concept but deliver admiralty orders to the fleet.
  2. Act as a smuggler and smuggle a passenger into or out of enemy port.  Port chosen by game.
  3. Dependency type mission: mail theft.  Should be tough mission, but if successful then one enemy port loses the ability to receive news for 2 hours, maybe enemies can't view ships in other ports for that time period for example, or something small impact on enemy.
  4. Rescue a political prisoner from another ship.  This is a boarding mission in lieu of destroy.  If there are multiple enemies the prisoner could be on any of those ships, you won't know.
  5. Develop technology mission.  Your faction completes 10 of these altogether and gains a temporary advantage for it, like a little BP in a port battle, or whole faction has 10% extended sights for a couple hours.  (Thinking outside the box, don't shoot me)
  6. Delivery mission from one enemy port to another enemy port, selected by game.  That's a trade/smuggler mission.
  7. Got to be a treasure hunt mission of some sort.  Maybe successfully reach five different cross-swords in enemy territory (without dying) to complete it.  You could be TP'd into and out of the area maybe.


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There should also be special fleet missions where multiple ships must participate.

For example, a treasure fleet mission where the starting and ending ports are advertised in the game so the treasure ship can be interdicted, necessitating an escort to stand a chance of getting through.

If the treasure ship is successfully captured, then that group gets the reward upon reaching the destination (but maybe they'll be interdicted as well).

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Personally, I think the idea of racing could be good too.  Make it like a battle instance, possibly with some buoys to race around or an objective a dozen miles away in a random direction or something.  It would be a great way for people to distinguish the smaller differences in the vessels.  Possibly stiffness could allow them to point a little higher without loss of speed, whereas a vessel with a speed add-on would need to take wider, longer tacks.  And, vessels did race in this time period as well.





...The formal racing of boats is believed to have started with sailboats in the Netherlands some time in the 17th century. Soon, in England, custom-built racing "yachts" began to emerge and the Royal Yacht Squadron was established in 1815. In 1661 John Evelyn recorded a competition between Katherine and Anne, two large royal sailing vessels both of English design, "…the wager 100-1; the race from Greenwich to Gravesend and back.”[3]One of the vessels was owned, and sometimes steered, by Charles II, the King of England. The king lost.

In 1782 the Cumberland Fleet, a class of sailing vessel known for its ability to sail close to the wind, were painted racing up the Thames River with spectators viewing from a bridge.[4] Much like today, this obsession with sailing close to the wind with speed and efficiency fueled the racing community.

In the nineteenth century most yacht races were started by allotting starting positions to the competitors. Buoys were laid in a straight line, to which the competitors attached their yachts by means of spring ropes. The yachts were required to keep all the sails forward of the main mast on deck until the starting signal was given...

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Love to see more varied missions


More varied combat missions prioritising different skills and different ship advantages: a search and capture or pursuit where the enemy is trying to escape from you, not destroy you, but is still on a warship and can still fight back. Convoy escort/treasure fleet, where you have to protect allied traders, recapturing them if necessary.


Low-level non-combat missions can make good introductions/tutorials - a mission to bring a particular resource to the port you picked up the order, a mission to deliver a VIP to a particular destination, stuff to get people exploring and familiarising themselves with the world and the mechanics.


And a rescue or recapture mission definitely sounds like something cool to see in game.

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i like the idea of a long one....ie get from the far west to the far east for a great prize.....through enemy waters etc

Ok, in that case and if all other players including pirates know about the race, it might be quite funny :-). But I'm still quite sceptical about this....

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Ok, in that case and if all other players including pirates know about the race, it might be quite funny :-). But I'm still quite sceptical about this....


how it could work would be like some car races, different classes taking part in the same race, with checkpoints at certain ports

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WTB Iron Fittings @ 482/p in Barataria. You can check the shop. Given the surrounding area you should be able to farm quite nicely and bring in 180/hour.


And voila, the race trader crafting farming mission is on. :D

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It would be great to have various types of missions except for small exclusive seek and destroy battles.
We could add more combat missions.  Destroying specific types of ships or a specific number of ships or a combination of ships and ports.   Finding a certain Captain and capturing or destroying his/her ship.   But they would all be combat missions and should provide combat XP and perhaps gold.
To be properly diverse we need new type of XP that allows advantage (or opportunities) in other areas of the game.  Like travel XP or trader XP that allows access to foreign ports or even enemy ports and better prices on trade goods.  Perhaps lots of travel XP would result in better skills (less damage) in a storm.
But the game is primarily about fighting with some features that contribute to the fighting.  That is what the word “Action” means in the title. 
“Action” could mean:
1)      Trading a specific quantity and type of goods or resource.
2)      Carrying a dispatch to a designated location (port, fleet. Etc).
3)      Finding a resource rich location (fish, timber, ore, etc).
4)      Discovering a treasure or ship wreck, plant or animal.
5)      Rescuing a stranded traveler or ship.
6)      Transporting a passenger or two (officer, rich merchant, royal, etc).
7)      Sail through a storm zone.
8)      Catch a quantity of fish. By species.
9)      Contributing (money or goods) to a worthy cause.
10)    Combinations of the above.
Completion of an above mission could result in a payout in gold and/or XP. The amount could vary depending on the risk involved in the mission. Some mission would be unavailable to players with insufficient trading XP or travel XP.
NA is about fighting.  There is a some trading  and crafting but it seems to be focused towards allowing more fighting.  Currently Action = fighting.
Respectfully submitted as constructive thought.  No offence is intended.
I like the game.

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