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Rules for PVP Server Only...


No more do guilds belong to Factions, Factions now belong to guilds

There are no more AI national factions or NPCs

  • Guilds are Nations
  • Ports can only be owned by a guild
  • All ports are capturable except Mortimer
  • Guilds can own multiple ports up to limit
  • Guild sets enemy/allied guilds, sets timers, collects the sales tax, builds port defenses, hires and pays maintenance on port defences and OW AI patrols
  • Port defences and AI patrols are new features where AI can help defend port and coastal patrols can initiate or join OW battles they come across in nearby OW coastal waters. These cost big monies in upkeep
  • Shipyards and guild warehouses are now port inherent and do not need to be built.
  • Any guild member can build ship but level depends on port: First rates can only be build in Capitol Cities, Second and third rates in Regional Capitols, etc...
  • Guilds are Nations



  • Not a guild/faction per se, it is nomans land
  • Capitol and starting port is Mortimer
  • Mortimer only port where NPC builds a few modest ships for sale at exorbitant prices
  • Everyone starts as Pirate
  • All guildless are Pirates
  • If you are guild member and commit piracy, you lose your stuff and become guildless pirate but can join guild again after waiting period
  • When you join guild, you are no longer a Pirate and are teleported to highest rank guild port.
  • When you quit a guild you become a Pirate for a while before able to rejoin another guild.
  • Pirates cannot be allies with any guild and are always at war with everyone
  • Initial guilds are form when pirate group takes port and selects Takeover. That group then becomes a guild.


Port Takeover can be Takeover/Annex or Sack

  • Guild can opt to annex or sack
  • Guild ships can be berthed in allied ports but if ally becomes enemy, they are scuttled
  • If a port is lost, all stuff in it is lost. All port defenses destroyed.
  • Percentage of all stuff in port is subject to looting by attacker. 
  • Upon sacking of any port the pirate group involved in the battle can either raid port and take spoils or claim the port and become a guild.


  • Guild can set their port as Guild Faction or Neutral
  • Guild Faction allows only guild members to trade or build buildings
  • Neutral setting allows anyone ability to trade or build buildings
  • Neutral setting of port cannot be changed until some other guild takes it over
  • At time of capture attacker can continue neutral port status, no looting. They now take over tax receipts
  • All raw materials player produced and labor cost for harvesting markedly reduced


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Would be a shame for me to remove NA from my Library if such a thorough guild based patch would hit.

But good memories from a great game would remain :)

That's about it. Too much focus on players and too little on people in this 9.9 patch.

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Would be a shame for me to remove NA from my Library if such a thorough guild based patch would hit.

But good memories from a grat game would remain :)


I agree.  Remove national pride?  Come on.  Call it patch zero-point-zero.

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You want to get rid of the last remaining players?


Tons of people already left the game due to frustration (most of it due pvp). I would rather like to see it the other way.:

My opinion on your thoughts -


PvP Server rules:

  • Clans belong to Nations
  • Some (more) core ports should be immune to attacks and capture. Every nation should have (limited) access to all resources
  • Clans can have one base-port, where they may gain advantages by patrol missions or resource trading (some sort of honor-system). E.g. lesser lh costs in fleet-yards, etc.
  • Clans can ally to offer some of their service to other clans. E.g. repair-kit pooling, LH pooling,...
  • Clans having their base in one port may send captured ships either to admiralty (sell) or to local defence..
  • Clans belong to nations and can be seen as fleet divisions.


  • Not a guild/faction per se, it is nomans land
  • Capitol and starting port is Mortimer and they have small hideouts around the map, but no other big cities.
  • Pirates can't capture ports
  • Pirates are attacked by AI Fleets
  • Pirates cant turn off smuggler flag, but may enter ports
  • Pirates can buy a national "Letter of Marque" to do missions for a nation to become part of that nation again and leave pirates life.


  • If a port is lost, no fee has to be paid to remove the outpost and buildings.


  • A Clans home-port should give minor advantages, increasing with the clan size and its standing towards the nation (port battles, resource delivery, maybe a ranking system?). E.g. LH Discount, cheaper resource production,... additional to the individual player economy, there could be a clan economy.
  • Clan-Discount on taxes for bigger deals involving more players
  • Black-Market "extra-taxes" for pirates.
  • even more (civilian) goods, that have influence on port-size, production, etc. E.g. basics like cloth, corn, fish, water, salt, ...
  • an additional production chain for civilian goods and port growth. E.g. American Cotton>Cloth>Clothing or Iron>Iron ingots>Iron tools,...


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You want to play EVE, that game is still running.


And there is a reason EVE is still running.


Just glad I didnt get wiped for the carebear troll.

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