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Good Morning,


With over 74 hours logged in this game, I'm enjoying it very much. I've been playing Civil War games since the CD-ROM with the RTS for the Gettysburg movie came out when I was 6. I was very excited to get this game and is part of the reason I bought a laptop. I enjoy trying new things, and getting different resutls and am exicted for the next project they are working on.

Over the last week, more so than before, it has stuck out to me that the artillery peices do not fire on anyone. With morale above 40% (which I don't know why it's so low, what did they think they were signing up for when they joined the artillery unit, apparently firing a gun all day isn't what they thought it was going to be), Reload at 100%, and plenty of targets in their LOS, they do not fire. However, the AI's guns will keep a whole Corps at bay with their relentless lead bath they wash my infantry in. When I see artillery units show up on the reinforcement tabs, I barely try to find  them, because I know I'll spend more time moving them around the map, trying to get them on the front side of the hill, to stare at the entire Union army, and do nothing.

I feel like Major General Trimble in the film "Gettysburg" standing in front of General Lee:

"he said nothing.He just stood there.I threw down my sword.Down on the ground in front of him.We could have done it, sir.A blind man should have seen it.Now they're working up there.You can hear the axesof the federal troops.And so in the morning...many a good boy will die...taking that hill."

Recently, in addition to the guns not firing, I have begun to experience ground troops walking well within range of Billy Yank with their rifles still on their shoulders. 1200 Confederates with 60% plus morale and condition walking down hill at the brigade of 800 Federals, and then getting driven back up the hill because, apparently, they've run out of firing caps.


Whole engagements have turned due to my artillery sitting on high ground, looking at 10,000 troops and doing nothing. Stonewall's Brigade shows up and forgets the end of the barrel goes at the boys in blue. Clicking the enemy, minutely moving my guns, changing ammo type.... Tonight, I threw down my sword and had to vent.



I don't know if anyone else has found this, but there is a traitor unit in the Union army, with a Confederate logo.






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We are glad you like the game. I advise to take a look in this guide and read the section where it says about Artillery: http://steamcommunity.com/app/306660/discussions/0/487870763311975596/


It will help you to become a better artillery commander. As a general advise, place your artillery on the top of hills and keep them unobstructed of friendly units or other objects (Houses,Trees etc.). Press the 'M' key to toggle the height map to find the higher ground.



This "traitor" unit is a left over test unit which helped to trace a bug where friendly units targeted each other :) It is noted to be fixed in a next patch.

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Thank you for replying! That's awesome you guys watch these boards. I'm excited to see what you guys are going to do with the new project. I haven't had a chance to try out proper spacing, and ensuring the ground in front of the units are clear of homes, trees, and troops. I read the guide and it changed to way I view these pieces. It seems the computer wails on me with theirs, and mine are just to look pretty.


To another 80 hours and beyond.


"God go with you"

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