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I have been playing this game for a little while now, and I generally love it, but there are a few things that should be improved/tweaked.

  • People use the new "Smuggler" mode to increase their chance of PB drops.
    I guess the only way to prevent this, will be to prevent player smugglers from own nation to drop anything, except maybe cargo.
    It should not be possible to capture the ship, but it should still loose durability.
  • PvE battles should keep the timer at 2 minutes OR be lowered to 1 minute, while PvP battles should have the timer increased to maybe 5 minutes.
  • Mission/Battle markers should be changed to something like this:
    2 white crossed swords = Order.
    1 white+1 red crossed sword = Fleet Order.
    2 red crossed swords = PvP battle.
  • Conquest flags should be limited to non-trader ships, and maybe even to a size matching the harbour size.
  • How about an option to use a flag in open world showing you do not intend to go into battle, so players from other nations can see you don't want a fight. It should come with a timer (lets say 5 minutes) so you can not attack players within 5 minutes after showing the flag, but you can defend your self.
  • How about a possibility to add custom clan logo to either the main sail, or a flag, which can be visible in open world too. Guild logos should be non-offensive off course, and of a specific size/resolution (example: 128x128 png with transparency). Only clan creator should be able to change this.


We have noticed some people log off at the battle status screen to avoid ending up in a new battle. Players who do that should be forcibly moved into open world and get a 2 minute countdown before their ship actually logs off.

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We realized that we forgot to mention that we would like the option to select BORDELESS Windowed mode.

Also, how about using the free ports as an outpost for people who turned pirate, so they can return to their own nation? Maybe something about them having to fulfill certain missions over a specific amount of time.

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