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Will we evar see more crew aboard the ships doing battles ?

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Will we see more crew on deck in the future, its somthing i think could really make battle alot more fill with life. A few officers on main deck, some sailer pulling ropes, and some muskets / mariens taking shots at ships crew when they are close. I know the devs said that there will be no boarding animations like total war-ish style, witch is fine. But sometimes the ships feel kinda lifeless with the same cannoneers doing the same anitmation over and over. If i remember correct some people thougt it might course FPS drop adding in more crew, but if there wher an option to turn crew off for people with less powerfull PC that woulndt be a problem. I really hope to see mroe crew in the future :)



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IIRC it was mainly done to save FPS.


I have no clue how all that stuff works, but a user-end toggle on additional crew sort of say might help, no?


Yeah in POTBS you could either render no crew, all crew, or partial crew on the decks. I think the main issue is if client side animations can aim and fire at enemy ships? Because in POTBS while the cannon crews did pretend to reel in and reload the guns the rest of the crew just stood around and did nothing not even walk. The sail crew animation looks incredibly weak too every time the sails were lowered they would just climb up and down the mast.


It would be good if client side crew could without commands fire on enemy ships that come in range, climb sails whenever they want, walk around the ship, etc.


They don't need to do any damage when firing or have boarding animations but generally something similar to empire total war would be great.

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