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For the last couple of days I've been taking long voyages of an hour or more (one way) and then back to port for another hour or more.


On the second day of taking one of these long voyages I decided to make better use of my time while sailing to destination, and tidy up some things in the room next door (most of the times I choose to read). I was, however, still within ear shot of my computer speakers. It then dawned on me that if I were to be attacked, I would not realize this until I heard the first broadside being fired into my now, sitting-duck-of-a-ship.


What I would like to see implemented is this; when an enemy player pushes his attack button, a 'Beat Drum to Quarters' cadence is heard, accompanied by the same Bosun's Whistle that one hears when their ship catches fire.


I know that the alternative is to simply sit and stare at my computer for over an hour but, thank you, I've done that.




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I like the idea! However, I don't like Tyrant's idead of an audio warning of enemy ship sighted on the horizon.  There should be some benefit to keeping a sharp lookout.

Yeah, you will have drum and bass mix abound high populated ports. :D

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" Sitting upon the shores of the Lake of Maracaibo our Lord Saviour Pirate Jesus professed the undeniable truth -  Blessed be the AFK trader for no time loss shall result from the indifference while sailing and not scanning the horizon. "


- ok ok let them have the beat to quartes if a military vessel. If a trader have the sound of the crew shouting in panic.

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