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I've always enjoyed the MMORPGs that had a pet class (necromancer- Diablo II, Beastlord - EQ, and so on).  When i started this game and discovered the AI fleets, I realized I had discovered little pets... I was elated beyond measure!


Then I got too high in the ranks and the fleets were no longer able to be purchased.  I get that they were essentially "training wheels" for the noobs; however, I think they have a place in this game going forward.


After rank 10, I think a very large amount of exp should be required to continue to acquire the next rank.  You would be rewarded with about 100 extra crew, and unlocking the fleet again starting at 1 fleet member.


Every rank after that will require even more exp but give more crew and unlock another fleet slot, all the way up to the five that are in game.


Players would then be able to use their old ships and place them into their fleet.  A player would have to share their total crew pool with their fleet.  So rank 10 allows 1100 sailors under your command.  Rank 11 would allow 1200 sailors under your command and one fleet slot.


A player could continue to sail in their santisma which consumes 1050 sailors, and then would have 150 sailors left to sail in a smaller vessel of their choosing, perhaps a navy brig to escort you.


or a player could decide to sail in a constitution, and have a fleet constitution as an escort, splitting their crew evenly among the two ships.


As you rank up, you earn more fleet slots but only 100 more crew.  You could command up to 1600 sailors in 5 different ships but must choose how to disperse them.  A small amount of large ships, or a large amount of small ships?


Crew wages should be brought in to help sink gold from the game and make the fleeting costly.  


Fleet slots should always be overridden by player characters.  If a player with a fleet of two ships is in a full PB and a real player attempts to join, they should take the fleet slot.  Or perhaps, do not let the fleets participate in offensive port battles.


I think you should have full control of your fleet ships, from upgrades to hold areas... if a player wants to do a trade run, they could utilize the holding areas of their AI fleets and make them carry the goods while the player does the fun part of escorting.


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This is all fine and dandy, but one of the big problems about fleets like this is that the AI on the ships simply isn't as good as players in most cases you'd want to use them. They'd just take up a slot a player could fill and that's pretty problematic. Also the AI can be downright detrimental at times, accidentally shooting friendlies and sailing in a manner that disrupts fleet cohesion.

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I think the AI for fleeting would certainly need some tuning; however, if you were against the fleets you could simply not utilize them.


The fleets need more commands to issue such as setting a distance for engagement (long, medium, short)  So if you're running long cannons, you can put your fleet on short range engagements and they will be out of your way.  Also, I do not think a fleet should ever keep players out of PVP either.  Players should always consume any fleet slots to get into fights.  Their collision avoidance needs to be adjusted to keep them from being a nuisance.


I think fleets would be well use as defense only during PVP, so


if you were attacked, your fleet would be with you,


but if you were the one who attack, the fleet would not appear in battle.

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No, see, when I tag you I don't want to fight my way through chain lobbing bots before I get to fight you.

If AI fleet is optional it is automatically mandatory. It is known.

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We used to have fleets. They ruined PVP.

I wouldn't mind people running around with pets as long as they "disappear" in any and all forms of PVP.


 I think the other way... No Fleets if you are grouped... or in Port Battles...  But if your running solo with your extra 2-3 ships and get attacked or attack someone fine... Just not in a group setting. Fleet ships should never be larger then 2 rates smaller then Flag ship and should able to be purchased and assigned like normal ships.. so buy one.. add your upgrades and gun loadout like a normal ship.. then assign it to the fleet. Once in the AI Fleet status that is where it stays until all Durs are used up(so people cant store extra ships there)

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