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The Idea is to connect the ingame Weather to a Weatherstation, or more, in the Carribian. And Part the Map in different Weather Regions depending of the amount of Stations.


With the Proposal the Devs made for different Wind Strength it could make Sense. And we would have realistic Carribian Weather.


But i dont know if you need to pay for the Data and so on, but i thought maybe suggest the idea first and then see ;)

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Predominat Eastern winds. The way East would be through the Bahamas mainly ( yarrr and be open to carolina privateers !!!! ). We'd all stick to the Gulf of Mexico if real weather would be implemented unless we all using sloops and schooners.

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microsoft flight simulator does this.  Weather data is a public server and is highly standardized in a METAR format which is easy for computers to read.  MSFSX imports the data every (ten?) seconds and then puts it into the game.  If it starts raining, game turns on rain.  If fog rolls in, the game turns up fog.  It's a really cool system and a great tool for realism.


However, like some have already pointed out... the time compression in this game poses challenges.  Like if a hurricane was coming up the coast, you would have it on top of you for months of in game time.


Doesn't mean it can't be done, but it would need some refining, I think.

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