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[WIP] La Proserpine 3D model of a french 18pdr frigate

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Why doesnt he made a model closer to reality so devs will have zero problems adding it to the game?

what do you mean?

He uses original plans and references. How much closer to reality can he possibly get?


If you mean Mirones' reply. That was a suggestion.

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Beautiful frigate, but I don't think she would have the cabin on the quarterdeck in wartime.  You can see that 4 guns on the quarterdeck would be unusable.  It was not uncommon for warships to have additional structures for crew comfort on weather decks in peacetime.  Also ruins her beauty!




Agree, that cabin looks ugly and would get blown to pieces during battle.  Please get rid of it. Everything else is gorgeous.   :)

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1) Then the game is wrong and it should be modified to lower the yards when furling - a simple animation change that should offer minimal difficulty while improving appearance/accuracy considerably.

You've played the game, right?

I tend to explain away the permanently-hoisted yards by assuming that the sails are being clewed up to the yard, rather than furled.

This wouldn't be terribly common technique, but it makes a lot more sense in battle because it's a lot faster and no men are needed aloft.

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