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[WIP] La Proserpine 3D model of a french 18pdr frigate

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well I made it so it would be up to standards for the game considering textures poly count etc. So if it would get in that would be awesome but if not I also made it for my portfolio as I'm trying to build a career in 3D modeling. People don't care about your resume in this business and look at your work instead.

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but.. she is a Hebe class ship, right? the 14x18pd?

Cause the picture Malachi posted is from la prosperine, is a british design.


Comparing her to the Trinco. I like La Prosperine so much more. Without those over prominent bulwarks she looks much sleeker..

(Since Trinco(Leda class) is basically a copy from the french Hebe class)



I believe your drawings are from the 1809 proserpine from a different class, there are massive differences both at the bow and stern shape. But I might spice up my stern a bit with these kind of decorations though. But then again it must be historically accurate.




The plan I posted is signed by Lubet, who was the master carver at Brest from the mid-1760s to the late 1780s thus responsible for the decoration details.* And I far as I know there was no other Proserpine built by the french navy, only a british Amphion-class 5th Rate of the same name captured in 1809.


And the only thing the Hébés and Ledas have in common is the shape of the underwater hull, the rest is as british as it gets ;)



*but he had no influence on the actual construction, that explains the different overall shape of the transom and the 7 stern windows config instead of the 6 drawn by Lubet. Stuff like this was entirely up to the constructeur in charge and the ingeneur (Sané in this case)

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Started reworking the stern for more decoration and detail, got 1 of the sculpts done and its baked to a low poly version of only 250 triangles, gonna make a couple more sculpts and probably add a little bit more geometry too, some parts look pretty dull. Also added these little pillars between the window frames.


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yes, There are supposed to be carronades there which I have yet to model so the cannons there are placeholders, carronades are small enough for use next to that cabin.

Are you sure the cabin would be present in wartime? It looks very un-warlike and would certainly be highly atypical.

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Another carving done, tell me what you guys think, does it fit the ship/french style? Also this is just a test color i still need to make materials for these carvings.

This carving is baked to a 1377 triangle low poly mesh btw




As for the carronades they are really easy to model and only sets me back 1 day probably so thats not a problem.

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Original name: la Poserpine

Laid down in 1785

Launched in ???

Struck of lists in 1796

Built by J.-N. Sané

Place of building: Brest

Other names : none in French


Length x breadth x depht in hold

142'6" x 36'8" x 19' (Pied du roi)

46,248m x 11,91m x 6,171m

Deplacement: ???

Artillery of origin (1786 type):

1st deck - F'c'sl/Q'deck

26x18-pdr (or 28x18-pdr) - 10x8-pdr + 4 howitzer of 36-pdr

total: 40 (or 42)

The same plans of la Vénus. (Standard plans of Sané)


What is wrong:

(Sorry for my bad English...)

- Delete the flag mast, it is on a halyard at the head of peek

- Mizzen mast of unpainted

- No gun chacing

- Not yeard of mizzen, exchange with peek

- Add a boom

- Put a English-style mast-cap, not French-style

- The toilets are not in the right place

- Delete the counter-sprit yard

- One piece of arched sprit

- No port lid except the gun-port on front

- For the mizzen mast, it is divided into three parts

You have modeled a rigging of the 1760/1780 French style.

That's all for the moment ;)

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Perhaps that the cannon holes on the upper deck are not completed, and seems like you used two different shades of black for the stern and then for the sides.

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