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Game Crash after new patch


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After launching the game, I can get to the server/shards page, once I choose which server I would like and click to join the game immediately crashes to Desktop and gives the error message:


The game crashed

The crash reported folder named "(date and time)" next to game executable.

It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!


I would love to send it via the normal way but using the error reporting function also crashes and gives the same message.


Done a repair install, checked my drivers etc, no change.


Just remove .txt from:






Apparently I cannot upload them with their default name because I am not permitted to upload those file types as per the attach files error message when I try upload them.





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Did verify game cache immediately after the first crash - no files were downloaded, then I deleted steam.api files and verified again - it just downloaded the 2 files I deleted.  Just verified now, all files successful - nothing downloaded this time.

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PC reboot seems to have fixed it.  My PC has been running for a few days now without reboot - something in the background was obviously causing a conflict, thanks for looking into it guys :D

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