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Diplomacy, councils, players and information

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Today I stumbled on the returning issue of information and communication, or rather a lack of it. Diplomacy has proven to be an important part of the gameplay. For that reason councils are in established to lead the faction politics. it is to my understanding a council consists out of clan representatives who by a defined proces, determine the faction policy of treaties, declarations of war etc etc.


Often players are asking the acual status of policies or they are being told by other players, often this info is conflictive or incorrect. When discussing these issue players are often blamed by other players that they should turn to the council for information or join a big clan and inform themselves that way.


It seems rather awkward to me to relay the responsibility of information to the players themselves instead of keeping this to the ones who deal with the diplomacy. In fatc as in real life they should bare the responsibility to inform the faction players. It then would be appropriate to inform these player regardless of clan or puppie status and more important they should be informed in time and via offical channels.


Official channels; not random players (like it is now). A suggestion would be to create faction childboards in the forum in which a council can make an official declaration. In the current gameversion it is not possible to inform players so it would be nice if appointed council representives send the diplomacy information via the faction chat.


Even better would be to create an in-game status board in which appointed moderators can announce and alter the diplomacy status, day by day. Next step would be to link this status to the same attack procedures we see with our own faction ships/players in which the user will be banned to the pirates once they continue to attack a friendly vessel.


My 2 cents       


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Excellent link John, thanks,


Until these changes have been made I call upon the faction councils to make a bit more of an effort to inform the faction players via formal channels either in the forum or in-game. That is if you want the diplomacy part of the game to succeed.

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