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[HAX] Cryptic Warfare Gaming Community - Pirates - PvP2USA

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[HAX] Cryptic Warfare


                   Teamspeak: hax.teamspeak3.com



[HAX] is an active pvp fleet. We focus on teamwork, and we share supplies and ships. We have high level crafters. Feel free to jump in our teamspeak channel and look for Jenicyde (our hot female commander), Sergeant Ski or Arconite.


Give our facebook page a like, and check out Jenicyde's youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXliH-ERTwkHqS2LL8bwPag







Cryptic Warfare is a large social gaming community that started in early 2014 as a WOT clan. We have evolved into a close community that plays many different games together.

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