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'Freia' Danish 18-pounder frigate, 1793 [3d model]

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Very nice model :)

Well, the bulwarks are quite distinctively Danish and a ship that looks French but not quite French means Danish, so it was just a question of looking for a matching armament on threedecks and Freya/Thetis/Iris fit the bill. I ran those names through the rmg collection and found plans for Iris, which was a perfect match for the model apart from later style raised bulwarks and a slightly different stern. So, got to be Freya or Thetis :)

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8 hours ago, BungeeLemming said:

Once you recognize the stern its easy. Strikingly danish design. Used by so so many frigates in those days.


Do you mean the shape of the stern underneath her counter? I thought the style of the stern windows looked British.

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