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'Freia' Danish 18-pounder frigate, 1793 [3d model]

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Dimensions (imperial)


length                                                                           148' 3''                        

breadth                                                                          38' 7'

draugth aft                                                                     17'

draugth forward                                                             15' 9''


distance of the meta center to true midpoint                  2' 10''



heigth of middle gunport above the waterline                6' 6''


length-to-breadth ratio                                                   3,84





danish service


26 18-pounders

4   12-pound howitzers

14  6-pounders







british service


26 24-pounders (Gover)

14 32-pound carronades

2    9-pounders







Launched 1793, captured by the RN in 1807. Coverted to troopship in 1811.


Capable of 10.6 knots close-hauled and 13 knots running free, although rather leewardly (performance of sister-ship Iris). Good, easy sea-boat. British captains trimmed her by the head, which is quite unusual and the danish design draughts indicate that was not the case in danish service (draft was almost 2 feet deeper overall in british service).



Lovely french lines, fast, a cool figure-head and 4 bow chase ports...what´s not to like? :P

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Gover (light) guns were initially developed to replace heavier pieces on aging SoLs. Of course the british soon started arming some of their 18-pounder frigates with them. They were more reliable than other light guns but suffered from a much higher recoil compared to conventional guns (Armstrong/Blomefield pattern) of the same caliber.

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Whoa, nice find, Wind! That´s pic shows Freia trying to defend a danish merchant convoy against three britsh frigates and a sloop in 1801. She struck her colours after a 30 minute engagement (two danish and four british sailors killed)


Is it me, or does she have a really large rig?



Not for a danish frigate, no :P

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I am currently modeling a nice 18 pounder frigate. The hull is good, the stern looks nice and done. Whats left are the decks which I have to invest some research into. I modeled the FC- gunports but they dont match with the upper decks. No cannon would fit where I modeled it. I am using the deckplans of her sistership and they - as explained - dont match her 100%.

The headrails are WIP -

Oh - if you can guess the ship I will add her name to the topic ;)Mods: please dont spoil..


26 x 18pd & 14 x 8lb (two ports on the FC are missing currently)


Enjoy :)

edit: I know the little bugs here and there - some are corrected in my most recent progress ;)


for future readers: I originally didnt give a title and had a little quizz - Alex Connor got it spot on at last.


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8 minutes ago, maturin said:

What about the hull looks British?

The angle of the hull on the waterline, the rather business like stern, the plump bow =) EDIT: the keel looks off though from the image I posted, not sure.

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Well I am going to say she is French because of the 8 pounders on the FC&QD. However most French 18lb 38/40 gun frigates had a main battery of 28 x 18 lbers.

I did run across a French privateer designed by Sane called Aigle which had listed the armament above. Other suggestions would be a Hebe class or Minerve class as some had 40 guns (Melpomene). Pomone is also possible but again had 28 x 18 lb guns.

@BungeeLemming is this on the right track?

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>outch< bulls-eye.

This is indeed the danish frigate Freia or Fraya or Fraia - whatever way they spell it.. Ive seen them all^^

Once you recognize the stern its easy. Strikingly danish design. Used by so so many frigates in those days. All sisters of freia have the same kind of stern - difference only beeing the nameplate. And maybe different windows with lesser divisions.

And I actually use Thetis' deckplans to find out where the different bits and pieces belong to.

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