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Spanish 58 guns ship of line reduce to a Merchant ship called "Flora"

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The ship was built in 1760 like a 58 guns ship of line,equipped with 24 x 24lbs, 26 x 18lbs and 8 x 8lbs. The ship was reduced to a merchant vessel, the lower gun deck was removed to get more space to cargo, in the end,  the "new" vessel only kept the stern ports, and was equipped  34  gun ports, with 26 x ¿18lbs? in the upper gun deck ( I don´t know yet if the vessel kept the original weapons) and 8 x 8lbs in the quarterdeck/ forecastle 





link to the drawing: https://pinake.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/017b_-plano-sistema-a-la-inglesa.jpg



Some photos of the wooden model in the Naval museum of Madrid





o758pd.jpg  2m7ae8g.jpg


k2a7r.jpg  2lu6oew.jpg


ab0ca1.jpg  2dlt4z4.jpg


mhbqsj.jpg  fo2csy.jpg

Edited by Don Alejandro De C. y M.
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Wow, I love that model. I've never seen a model depict reefed topsails and housed t'gallant masts like that. Also interesting that the new owners update the rig with a (quite large) gaff mizzen sail.

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Ah, finally some more info on this beautiful ship.



Original Post



When I was  working in the museum I saw her and I fell in love it, I had to investigate to get some info about her, it´s a verys extrange model, and in the spanish navy, only a few vessels were transformed like that, so I can say that this discovery has been a ¿lucky hit?, ( I don´t know if this is the correct expression)

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Very very nice. The model is superb and adds a lot to the want now syndrome.

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