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'Blanford' 20 Guns 1719 (With Plans)

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+1. Very nice little ship.

There's a book about her : Peter Goodwin, The 20-gun Ship Blandford, Anatony of a ship (AoS)

I guess she can be called a 'galley-light frigate' with her 20 x 6-pdr and oars (but I am not good at British classification : sloop...). 

For a comparison, in France, at the time of the building of HMS Blandford (1719):

  • Corvettes carried 4-pdr guns such as  L'Agathe (1708-1718) with 8 x 4-pdr or La Méduse (1727) with 16 x 4-pdr
  •  Light frigates carried 6-pdr guns, such as La Thétis (1722) with 20 x 6-pdr(GD) + 6 x 6-pdr (Fc/Qd)

Similar shipmodel as HMS Blandford : here or here :


PS : a 'd' is missing in the titles of this thread ('Blanford'), right ?

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