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25 Hours in..what to do now with no sandbox mode or mods/modding ?


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First off, nice little game, easy to get into and just play without to much of a learning curve. Problem is after playing both sides to a loss and then a victory and a bunch of the single battles there isn't much else to do...sandbox mode would be great. MP mode i haven't had any success finding any other players.


I've played, as have most here i imagine, similar tactical/strategic games for a long time and generally you can log a lot more time than this, is it more because they are just getting their feet wet with this title (Darth and crew) or will it open up more or modding become available later? A limitless mode would be great ( i 've seen this mentioned about all over the net) as it gives you some time to play with large flanking manoevers/feints that are not really an option in timed mode.


Painful to get a crushing defeat when the enemy is on the run, you have minimal losses but you haven't capped a point in time so you have to go back and just meat grind forward. I suppose that's fairly historical (the meatgrind factor) but it would be nice to just play out some of the scenarios for a while longer. 



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