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Ahoy Mates,

i have written a little helper tool, to create a chat-msg when you have spotted an enemy Ship/Fleet.


The tool is easy to handle, just click on the Map, check a nation flag and add some Ships and the message will be shown below and is copied to your clipboard.

So you can paste it to the Ingame chat


a first screenshot is attached.


This first version, called ShipAhoy Pirate-Version(0.1), only cover most of the pirate controled area


The New Version (0.2) convert the X:Y from the Map into a relative Position to the nearest Town


The New Version (0.3)

  • drag and move the Map with right-click and hold
  • butoons to focus the map on the nation capitals
  • added the jolly roger


Download it here



There are some planed features for future releases

  • editable message and set own default values
  • more Map Areas
  • instead of just X:Y Coordinates, something like "near a specific Town" or "just in a well known sea area" or "close to coast of an island" etc
  • scroll and zoomable Maps
  • better UI looking
  • different Markers
  • some data Aanalyzing, like to count sights, to see if there are Hot-Spot activities of enemy movement
  • locate yourself via entering x:y coordinates (will be part of a whole new tool)


i hope you will test it out and let me know if you liked it.

Tell me also, if something is wrong




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